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The Sequoia Gigantea from Semenic National Park is one of our country's few specimens. It measures over 45 meters in height and more than 5 meters in circumference. Although its natural environment is the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the United States, it has adapted perfectly to the climatic conditions of our country, at an altitude…

$70 / per person

Get ready for an adventure-packed two days in the beautiful Banat region! We'll trek through the Ilosova Alpine pass and into the Cernei Mountains, camping in picturesque glamiping-style tents with breathtaking views.

$360 / per person

Join us on an unforgettable mountain biking adventure in the wild Cerna Mountains and the forgotten villages.

$290 / per person

We will make our way to Coșava for a truly unique camping experience. Here, we will set up camp in the heart of the forest, surrounded by nothing but nature.

$250 / per person

Are you ready for an epic mountain biking adventure? Look no further than the Via Transilvanica road in Caras-Severin county.

$440 / per person
The lakes tour

We'll cruise along the hydroelectric canals built to power the factories in Resita and visit the 3 mountain lakes built on the Barzava River, Gozna, Breazova, and Secu.

$1250 / per person

Explore the picturesque landscapes of the German villages in the Semenic mountains, and discover the legendary ghost village of Lindenfeld.

$70 / per person